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Cover of the 7 habits of highly effective peopleLoved reading the book “The 7 habits of highly effective people”. Opened my eyes and changed quite a few things. Want to get excited too? Check this short video about the book.


Start small and inspire - Great things will follow

I loved this photo when I saw it. The elegant adult swan leading the way for his young ones. It got me thinking about the way I like to change things. Start small but do things in such a manner that inspires people to follow. Take small steps, but make them count.

Photo by Anne Kruit Fotografie

We’d like to welcome all those curious about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to an introduction evening into this methodology. During this evening you will be able to experience the power of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for yourself. No prior knowledge or training required, just come over and be inspired!

Date: 12 April 2016
Time: 18:30
Event: De eerste steen - Introduction into LSP
Topic: Introduction into LEGO SERIOUS PLAY
Sponsor: LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Holland
Venue: Van de Valk Hotel
Location: De Bilt
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Getting started with Holacracy

Yesterday evening we made a real start with Holacracy, a method for running your organization. Holacracy is a method of both getting work done and governing how to get that work done. It is a giant leap from a traditional hierarchical control model. With my group of partners we decided to adopt Holacracy because we are equals. Nobody among us is the CEO, manager or whatnot. We all work as contractors in a private practice and have to keep food on the table individually. We do work together though. We forward each other leads and get commissions, share knowledge and have a great team of administrative talents working for us. Each of us is working as an Agile consultant, so we are all eager for working with new methods. After reading the book on Holacracy by Brian Robertson, I got enthusiastic and convinced the rest to check it out. After some introductions and trips past other companies, we have now officially launched! This blog post talks about the very fulfilling experience we had yesterday.

Second rule of authoritative conduct: the teacher

Authority can be quite impressive The first rule of authoritative conduct was a relative easy discovery for me. The situation was clear and the rule flowed from it naturally. This time I attempted a harder situation, curious to hear what you think about the rule I draw from it. I am taking my inspiration from how a good teacher handles authority in his/her class.

Before I go into the situation I’d like to describe what I personally hope to be able to use these rules for. I’m trying to define rules very specifically about authority to know when I should use authority. I’m doing that, so that I can act in a less threatening way in all other situations. There are 3 things I hope these rules will solve. First off, I won’t have to feel bad about throwing around my weight in the cases where authority is warranted. I am 2.05m (6ft 7in) tall and weigh in at 104 kilograms. That’s quite a lot of weight to throw around, so I want to use it sparingly. 😅 I also want to feel comfortable about it afterwards, knowing I did the right thing. Secondly, I won’t need to hesitate too long. I can use authority directly where being friendly and open is really counter productive. Thirdly, having these rules with a bunch of tips around them, also helps in having a discussion about it afterwards.