Website experiments

IMG_0192.JPGI will develop this site using relatively small experiments. Actions that take me under a day, with a clearly defined criteria for succes. The first experiment was a success!


Here I will define the experiments that I will run and have run. This page is a bit crude for now, but that’s good for a minimum viable product.

  • Get 1 Twitter/LinkedIn message about a post – Yay! Thanks, @jordanngross

Ideas to become experiments

These ideas are not clearly defined yet regarding success criteria or size.

  • Post on pages that aggregate blogs
  • Find ability / Google presence
    • meta tags
  • Register with sites about companies
  • Register site with personal profiles
  • Piggybacking
  • Multilingual pages
  • Multilingual blogs

Goals to come from experiments

These goals have no connection to any ideas yet:

  • Get 50 people to read a post
  • Increase followers on LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Get on Google’s first page for topic:
    • Leadership
    • Empowerment

Goals to come from writing

  • Get a real discussion between readers of a post
  • Get real information from the discussion on a post
  • Inspire someone with a post
  • Get invited to discuss a post / set of posts
  • Get invited to present on a topic
  • Get business from a post