Getting started with Holacracy

Yesterday evening we made a real start with Holacracy, a method for running your organization. Holacracy is a method of both getting work done and governing how to get that work done. It is a giant leap from a traditional hierarchical control model. With my group of partners we decided to adopt Holacracy because we are equals. Nobody among us is the CEO, manager or whatnot. We all work as contractors in a private practice and have to keep food on the table individually. We do work together though. We forward each other leads and get commissions, share knowledge and have a great team of administrative talents working for us. Each of us is working as an Agile consultant, so we are all eager for working with new methods. After reading the book on Holacracy by Brian Robertson, I got enthusiastic and convinced the rest to check it out. After some introductions and trips past other companies, we have now officially launched! This blog post talks about the very fulfilling experience we had yesterday.